InputMapper 1.7

  • Plugin driven, support for multiple controller types are in the works
  • Advanced mapping options
Version: 1.7.7012.18815
Last Modified: March 14, 2019 10:31 am
Size: 63.61 MB
Downloads: 930

Check In: Mar 8 2019 (More beta install bug-fixes and features)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: March 08, 2019
  • Comments: 0

Sorry for the bad audio in this one, I’ll get all these buttons and knobs figured out one of these days 😉

Plugin loading system has been re-worked to improve start-up performance and reduce chance of errors. New functionality coming to profiles in the form of “state modifiers” that will allow manipulation of multiple complex channels in input output states.

Check In: Mar 1 2019 (Beta Installer Released!)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: March 02, 2019
  • Comments: 0

Check In: Feb 25 2019 (New audio, Quick sneak peak at new installer for 1.7b)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: February 25, 2019
  • Comments: 0

No word on the new version of ViGEm as of yet, so I started testing the beta builds of the installer without it, ViGEm will have to continue to be installed making use of the power shell commands for the plugin to work. Also new Mic is here so audio should be greatly improved.

Check In: Feb 21 2019 (ViGEm is releasing a new installer, audio equipment on order for tutorials)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: February 21, 2019
  • Comments: 0

ViGEm is changing their driver to install from an executable rather than from powershell commands, so I have held off on publishing my installer until ready (should be any day now) and will package that in with with InputMapper’s installer once released.  I have also ordered some better audio gear for VO on the InputMapper tutorials that I am working on.

Check In: Feb 12 2019 (Finalizing localization and getting ready for Beta release with installer)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: February 12, 2019
  • Comments: 0

IM is about ready for help in translating the strings to various languages, more info on how to help will be in a later tutorial video. Starting work on the installer for moving IM 1.7 into the beta stages.

Check In: Feb 8 2019 (Getting back to work, translating IM for multi languages)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: February 08, 2019
  • Comments: 0

Things are starting to get back to normal around here so it’s time to get back to work on IM.

Check In: Jan 23 2019 (Brief Update)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: January 23, 2019
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Check In: Jan 7 2019 (Remodeling, Free Corsair Headset Giveaway)

  • Author: Wobbles
  • Date: January 07, 2019
  • Comments: 1

Getting back into the project after holiday time off. Doing some light remodeling so things may not be full speed for a week or two, but in the meantime FREE STUFF!

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