Hey guys, I figured you all deserved an update since the last time I poked my head in. Things are starting to return to normal, however there is still a lot of family stuff going on as you may expect as well as helping both my brother and sister who are both going through moves right now. On top of all that I have been bidding on contracts to take up the majority of my time for my “day job”. All of this has left about zero time for me to relax let alone get down to business on this project. I am still TRYING to keep current on support tickets, but it’s not easy as 99% of the time I am only looking at them from my phone and usually they are too in depth to handle when not in front of a computer.

So TL;DR, Thanks for the support and patience, and dont give up, I’ll be back as soon as my life allows it.

I’d also like to finish RDR2 someday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯