Heya guys, figured I’d jump on and give you all an update to the situation. As most of you are aware, Inputmapper suffered major server issues last week. The issues arrive from a physical drive in the SQL server going corrupt. Unfortunately it appears that In Motion Hosting, our provider, either does not have drive parity, or suffered such a massage failure that numerous drives failed simultaneously. In conjunction it also appears that the backps that they used to perform automatically as part of our service stopped and became a separate service that we have to pay for at some point meaning the old site had no backups….

Luckily this site had my own backups running off site so it was able to be restored.

The old file system is still intact as the outage only affected the SQL server so I will over the next couple weeks be migrating the downloads for the legacy version over to this site. I will also be working on placeholder pages to fix the issues of the old site trying to reach out to feeds that are broken due to the site outrage.

Stay tuned for more.