Sorry it has taken so long to put out another in depth update. As you may have gathered, things have been a little crazy over here. Now that things have calmed down, I’d like to fill you in on a couple very cool new features coming to IM.

The first one isn’t new to IM in general, and in fact is a pretty core feature that unfortunately has been missing for a while as other pieces of the application had to fall into place and be finalized first, but emulated keyboard and mouse output is back and is running smoother than ever.

The next one is something that people keep showing up and begging me for and is often confused with the above. It has been for a long time just out of my reach due to some limitations with my understanding of input device API’s, but at long last I have cracked the keyboard and mouse as a INPUT device egg! That is right, very soon you will be able to use your physical mouse and keyboard to play PlayStation Now and Xbox Remote Play games. This comes with the caveat that many fundamental differences go into how a game responds to input between different devices like a controller vs a mouse, so dont expect to click a button and get the same experience as a true kb/m game, but with some tinkering using the numerous mapping connectors you may be able to come close.

On top of application changes, a lot has been going on with the site as well. You may have noticed the server shitting its pants last week;

We did finally get things sorted and are now running smoothly and on a up-to-date CentOS install again. There are also some front end changes coming to the site, mostly focused on the downloads section. I am in the middle of writing a downloads plugin that will allow version histories so if a important feature breaks users can roll back to a previous version. Also part of this will be automatic updates coming to 1.7 just like 1.6 had.