What does it mean?

Windows shows this dialog for any application or installer when the installer is not signed with a valid trusted digital certificate.

This doesn’t mean the the application is malicious, nor does having a certificate mean the application is not. The certificate is merely a way for the user to be sure that the application is from where it claims to be from. This is what keeps people from distributing software claiming it is from Microsoft when it really isn’t.

We don’t sign our code with a certificate at this point because of the costs associated with it. In addition when a certificate is purchased we only have a 1-2 year period for which we can release new versions using it before we have to renew so it is best to save this for when the software is more stable and mainstream ready.

What do I do?

You can still easily install InputMapper despite this message by:

  1. Click “More Info”
  2. Click “Run anyway”