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need help with setting up ps4 controller


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how do i set up my ps4 controller so i can play rl i knew how to use the old one but the new one is over complexed


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@parry3228 Create a profile for your controller and assign it. The default "new profile" has a bug with my pc as well. 👍 

estou com este mesmo problema... eu tinha a versão 1.6 só que começou a dar problema por ser muito antiga a versão, e esta versão 1.7 é muito complexa!
Meu controle conecta porém não funciona no jogo. Alguém poderia me ajudar??


that's not that simple. I created new profile 

Ds4 input device ( or any controller - dosn't change nothing only graphic for setup )

Output Device Ds4 ( as in picture )

In windows my pad is working as trackpad

In games not detecting at all.

When I switch to Output Device - 360 controller Xbox it's working.

Upgraded from 1.6. Installed full version. 

Windows 10 20H2

Earlier it worked as Ps4 pad in windows, now only as emulated 360.

What to do ? what to change ?


I also wanna know about it, because I also bought a new PS4 controller from Reecoupons, last week, but I cant set it, if you came to know about it plz Dm me also.



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