Test Profile

Created by: Wobbles
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This is a basic profile used as a test.

Compatible Games

Alien: Isolation

A survival horror game set fifteen years after the original Alien film. It stars Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the film’s protagonist, Ellen Ripley.

*This profile may work for additional games not listed here.

Raw Profile

"outputDriver": "ViGEm.xbox360Device",
"MappingOverrides": [],
"Macros": [],
"inputModifiers": [
"$type": "InputMapper.IStateModifiers.StickCalibration, InputMapper",
"config": {
"xAxis": "LeftStickX",
"yAxis": "LeftStickY",
"xCenter": -0.68253968253968245,
"xMinValue": 1.0,
"xMaxValue": 1.0,
"yCenter": 0.0,
"yMinValue": 1.0,
"yMaxValue": 1.0
"outputModifiers": [],
"returnModifiers": []