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21st century skills: how to get them in school?
To boldly leave school towards the world of the XXI century, it is not enough for a student to acquire academic knowledge. The guarantee of a happy and comfortable life in the future does not lie in high test scores - it appears when each student gets the opportunity to develop, grow and fully realize his potential.
Leaving the school walls, today's graduate must approach any business with creativity, flexibility and personal vision, navigate the information space and use modern technology, be proactive and responsible, cooperate with others and be a leader. In order to develop such skills in oneself, you need to effectively develop in this, write a lot of essays. Taking advantage of essay writing service you can achieve this and develop creative skills. This skill set has been dubbed 21st Century Skills and has been identified by eminent educators, business leaders, academics, and government agencies as essential to the modern individual.
But how can the learning of such skills be organically integrated into the established school system? How to change the teaching model without additional burden on teachers?
The answer to these questions was the "Leader in Me" program, according to which more than 3 thousand schools around the world work today. The program helps educate schoolchildren in 21st century leadership and skills, and its authors and those who implement it consider every child to be gifted and capable of being a leader. It helps to be in charge of homework. With the help of you can achieve such results in writing written works.This program builds an effective environment in order to develop effectively. In the context of the program, the concept of leadership differs from the usual for society understanding of a leader as a leader and leader and, above all, means a person's ability to be a leader for himself: to manage his own life and build it at will. Thanks to this approach, children learn with pleasure, develop harmoniously, feel important and necessary at every minute of school life. Even this manifests itself in the desire to write a written work. Also, if used do my assignment it will help build a solid foundation for the formation of good learning skills. On the other hand, the program also applies to the educational process, considering that changes in schools begin with each of its participants. With the start of the program at school, the principles are first learned by the teaching and administrative staff, who then convey them to the children during the course of the study. This brings teachers and students together, helping them to be on the same wavelength.
A key component of The Leader in Me is Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People program adapted for educational institutions. It is a synthesis of universal principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness, such as responsibility, cohesion, teamwork, etc., that are equally understandable for people of all cultures.
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