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The introductory chord is the introduction to the abstract. Usually the teacher begins reading the Essayassistant with it, and then decides whether it is worth spending time on reading it at all. Therefore, you should not neglect this important structural part of the work.

The word combination "introduction of the abstract." speaks for itself. This is the introduction, the introduction to your work, familiarity with its relevance, purpose, objectives, a brief review of the literature. In the reproductive abstract (when you reproduce literary sources) in the introduction you set out the main ideas of the referenced sources, which then unfold in the main part. In the productive abstract (when you make sense of the literary sources), in addition to briefly stating the main ideas of the sources in the lab report writer, you also offer your view on the issue at hand (in the form of a hypothesis or just an idea). That is, the introduction includes a "mini-presentation" of your work with the relevance of the topic, its goals and objectives, an explanation of why you chose it. Remember that the scope of the topic should not be very wide and not very narrow, and the stated goal, objectives must be achieved in the course of the study. That is, in the introduction you give an answer to the question, which is often posed by the teacher to the student: what is your abstract about and why are you writing it? By analyzing the scientific sources used, you show the relevance of the topic to science and society, smoothly moving on to do my statistics homework the research issue. In fact, the introduction of the abstract is an expanded plan, an outline of the main topic-idea, a compressed content of the entire work. That is, it defines the structure of a small study, the direction of the search for an answer to the main question.

It is quite logical that the introductory part of the work creates when the main content is already there. Introduction predetermines the main content of the work. In the introduction avoid loud phrases-declarations such as: "prediction", "the only hypothesis", "the most correct and the main methodology" and similar. It is more correct to limit yourself to a brief statement of ideas-facts and to outline general trends-direction of the study. Essentially, the introduction is a preparation for the general perception of the work, concentrated on a few pages. The reader, getting acquainted with this part of the abstract., understands what will be discussed in the main part.


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