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Study Abroad Programs for College Students

Advice and tips to help students maximize the benefits of a summer or semester study abroad program.

All undergraduate college students should consider study abroad options. Whether short-term summer programs, a semester abroad program, or an entire year, the benefits of such experiences are long lasting and can even help in obtaining post-graduate career opportunities. I will write my essay free and offer some tips for students thinking about study abroad programs and advice on how to make those experiences a reality.

Talking to Fellow Students and Campus Staff Involved in Study Abroad Programs

A senior at a major North Carolina university majoring in agricultural studies spent one summer in Belize, working with cattle herders. The following summer, he was in Izmit, Turkey. His final four-week summer experience will be in Malawi through a university program designed to teach agricultural techniques to local communities
Another student spent an entire year in Tanzania where she took university courses on refugee law and the issues associated with mass population migrations. Although her year abroad cost $7,000, she funded the trip through scholarships. Her experiences geared her toward a graduate degree program in refugee law at an Ivy League university
Both of these examples demonstrate how studying abroad not only enriches the undergraduate experience, but can lead to interests that will determine life commitments and possibly careers. Even short term study-abroad programs will result in positive impacts for students.

Who Should Pursue Study Abroad Programs?

In a globally connected world, every college major benefits from spending time abroad. For some majors, these experiences are indispensable. Referring to foreign language majors, Mrs. Minnie B. Mayes, Director of the Office of International Studies at North Carolina A & T State University, told students recently that the study abroad experience represented the “lab” associated with foreign language proficiency.

Funding Study Abroad Trips for College Students

There are many available scholarships for students interested in both short term and long term study-abroad experiences. Every college and university has an International Department or office specifically designated to facilitate these programs. These professionals will help writing a research paper for students, find scholarships, foreign internships, and programs designed to assist with costs. In some cases, student financial aid can also be used toward study-abroad programs.

Students receiving Pell Grant scholarships can apply for study-abroad scholarships through the Pell Grant program that are generous and flexible. Additionally, some universities have available funding to cover such initial costs as airfare, passport fees, and visas. Students interested in particular areas of study, such as critical languages like Arabic, should consult university departments devoted to, for example, Middle East studies, to pursue specific grant and scholarship availabilities.

Preparing to Study Abroad Involves Research and Reading

Students finalizing study-abroad departures should have completed:

  • securing or updating a passport which must remain valid until six months after returning from the foreign destination
  • any visa requirements for the country being visited
  • inoculations that are mandatory for certain areas of the world
  • a rudimentary knowledge of basic key words and phrases in the language of the country where the study-abroad will take place
  • conversations with any students or professors that have spent time in the country
  • a solid knowledge of the region’s geography

Understanding the basics of the culture will assist an easy entry into the communities chosen by students. This includes everyday living, food, religion, political institutions, national history, and climate considerations.

Students should be prepared to keep a daily journal and/or blog of their experiences, commenting on every aspect of the experience. These daily entries will serve as a documentary of the study-abroad experience. In the case of one student spending time in Switzerland, these blogs became the foundation of a book.

Semester Abroad Programs Accessible to all College Students

Don't forget to pay someone to write my college essay. Every student should consider spending time abroad in an approved college program even if it is only for the summer. Foreign travel experiences are always positives on college resumes and narrow the competition for many jobs after graduation. Study-abroad programs enhance academic outcomes, introduce students to diverse cultures thereby building global understanding, and they are fun.

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