White Screen On Startup ('start with Windows')  



I am losing my mind,

I have tired repeatedly to fix this problem with the latest (1.7.7315.13270) InputMapper 1.7, I have tried to uninstall, delete the AppData, repair, etc.. And previous versions do this too.

On boot, when I have the "Start With Windows" option checked, the system will boot and InputMapper will display a white screen. At that point it is non-functional (cannot click anything, I can turn on my DS4 controller and it will connect but be unusable), and I must quit the program and double-click the shortcut on my desktop instead.

I have gone so far as to turn on a Task Scheduler rule for running it (on startup, at log on, delayed by 30 sec, 1 min, etc.), and it still will not properly open automatically (white screen, close it, double click the shortcut and it works again).

Any thoughts??


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