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ps4 dualshock  



When I use the tool windows, my PS 4 controller is not there? either USB plugged in or using Bluetooth, what's puzzling is it is showing up in my Bluetooth on my computer as connected? Does anyone know what I'm talking about and have a solution? Pic attached, 

Bob P.

Do you have your input devices outputting to the DS4 driver intentionally - namely the 'ViGEm.Dualshock4Device' driver in your screenshot? Regardless of whether this is intentional, it does not seem like the 'Game Controllers' app displays DS4 devices. I'm guessing here, but I'm assuming either 'Game Controllers' only displays XInput devices (e.g., when you're emulating an X360 gamepad or simply have one plugged in via USB), or just doesn't display DS4 devices, even if they're working fine. Therefore it seems like things are working as they should. Are you having problems playing games or whatever you're trying to do?


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