Finally found a way to fire a macro using a designated macro key in combo with buttons without the default mapping being triggered. I am using the track pad button as a macro shift. I had to create a macro just for that and added a function to block device outputs. Then when using it in conjunction with another button the default mapping was blocked.

My question is, shouldn't adding a 'block output device' function in the individual macros do that too? Or is that a bug when using two (combo) triggers or when adding another action? Doing it the way I did I would have to use a different button combo if I did want the default mapping to also trigger for some reason.

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if I understand correctly, it sounds like it is properly behaving, if you have a button just for macros that you dont want to make it to the device output, it's best to un-map it. For example if it is dpad-up create a custom mapping that maps it to nothing (or if that throws an error map it to a BS channel that the device does not have).

Sending a couple profile examples of what I was doing to get a second output from a button. Both of these I would have thought would of disabled the Cross output in Xinput Test, only one does. Putting together these examples I mapped a KB to the cross so you could view the results of the combo mappings in notepad and found that the KB mapping override was not being blocked with either profile.

This is why I haven't had much patience in trying to create macros to this point. After a couple of hours just end up back where I started. But a least this time was able to figure how to get a second output with default controller mappings.

Hey Wobbles, have you had a chance to look at these profiles to see if I'm going about this the right way. Those profiles I would be looking to get a KB "a" with single press of the Cross button and just KB "b" with the combo.
The profile cross-blocked does disable the controller outputs when pressing the TP, but KB "a" mapped to the Cross still is being outputted with the macro KB "b".

Maybe I should be using the "And Wrapper" or the "Or Wrapper", not sure what they are suppose to do or be used for.

I know you got a lot on your plate but was just making sure I was explaining myself correctly and you understood what I was trying to do with those profiles, thanks.

Sorry no, matter of fact I lost track of notifications of responses to this, seems I'm not getting all my emails, I'll try to take a look today


So to blank out a mapping channel, instead of mapping Source -> (rubbish) you need to map (rubbish) -> Destination. Also, I think what you may be looking for is the "temporary mappings" macro command, this can force a mapping onto a device temporarily while the macro is active

That was clear a mud, let's approach this at a different angle by getting an explanation of what the functions do.

I now know how to unbind the device output with a block device macro, solved.

Macro: Trigger, single button press. Action, Key Command or even default button. Now have a marco in place of the default button press.

This is where I get stumped, how to create a second macro using that same button in combo of another.
Can the "Compare Value" "Equal To" and "Greater Than" be used as a true/false similar to 1.6's red/green?
If so that may be what I'm looking for to control which macro is to be fired or blocked. I have to experiment with that.

Other question, what are the Wrapper triggers for? Could they be used for what I'm trying to do?

Using the Compare Value worked a treat. My method of unbinding the Cross button, not so much. Would be nice to have a better method of unbinding a button other than mapping it to some unused key.

Now that I have figured this out I can do everything I could in v1.6 and even better. Having the ability to block the device output with the TP as a macro shift saves having to do 2 macros for every button I want for a second output. In 1.6 had to unbind then create a macro for both the default action and the macro so you could do the compare values to control which one fires. Now using the macro shift it disables all the default outputs only requiring one macro for the secondary output.


For two KB macros off the same button just need to do the compare value as I did above to control which one fires. If unbinding is needed the only viable option is to map it to a mouse button that I can see.


I am brainstorming up a new state modifier designed specifically for handling "shift states". Let me know if this thought process sounds good?

  • Each channel that you want to have multiple states will have its own "shift state" state modifier.
  • The user will select the input channel (aka the channel that will have multiple possible outputs)
  • the user can then add as many shifted states to a list aka "If / Then", each will ask for a "Shift Modifier" ie the button pressed to enable the state, and will also have a command list that has what to do when triggered, I am thinking command list because presumably we want this to have more capabilities than just button outputs.
  • There will also be a option for an "Else" condition where if the input is pressed but no shift modifiers are pressed it will do a command or if not chosen will just map back to the input button as if normal.

The input channel will not map their input to the output device (unless the default map input to same output is used in the "else" logic),  the "Shift Modifier" will not map to output so long as the input channel is pressed. What this means is if I have multiple states for [cross] and the shift modifier is [L2], when I press just one of either of those channels alone they will still map, so its best to use a non crucial button as the shift modifier such as aim, and not something like shoot, or to use a extra channel like trackpad button.

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Sounds interesting and easier than creating true /false condition in each macro trigger.
Quoting you "when I press just one of either of those channels alone they will still map, so its best to use a non crucial button as the shift modifier such as aim, and not something like shoot, or to use a extra channel like trackpad button."
This is why I chose the TP other than it also being easily accessible to both hands as the shift.
But would it be possible as an input state to have an option to block that default output? That has always been an issue when choosing a shift modifier. You can always setup a shifted state to trigger that default mapping with another button. You most likely want to pick something that you don't use often, but you are further limited by it being an undesired action or distracting menu popup.

It will take trying it out to really get a grasp on what this all means.

well the actual button that has the multiple states could bet set up to have no output as an option and the shift button "could" be blocked to output, and I can add an option for that, but with a dedicated system perhaps I can set up a timer so it only sends the press once released and only if its quick, but if you long hold thats what triggers the shift state. That way the "shift" button can still be a normal button so long as its one that only gets pushed quickly.

Like that idea of a short/long press, you would be holding it when using it as a shift and would save having to map it to a secondary button.


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