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How to configure DS4 Deadzone?  



Hi folks,

im new here and want to use the program to get rid of the deadzone on my DS4. I´ve had a lot of issues with it lately, both with Steam and especially Epicstore games, but never on PS4, so I dont think its of a mechanical nature. However its super annoying when your camera gets stuck at your characters feet in the middle of a firefight.

Ive read online that I can use the program to configure the deadzone, but I dont see where I can do that.

Would appreciate some help!

Best, gingerwhale

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I managed to do it this way for my R2 and L2 and they were super sensitive.

Go to the controller profile and create a new input state modifier. Click New, Axis Interactions, and then Radial deadzone. Then add the 2 buttons you want and then adjust the deadzone below. Not sure what the softedges parameter is though.


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