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Experiencing switching sensitivity feeling in Fortnite  



I'm currently using inputmapper 1.7 to try to get the least input lag in Fortnite. But I feel like the sensitivity keeps changing all the time, like the controller is switching inputs every once in a while and the sensitivity gets a different feel to it. I've had this problem also with scp toolkit and DS4. Does anybody know a way for this not to happen. 

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There is a slight possibility it may be a Exclusive mode issue, Fortnite may require using HIDGuardian which will hide the true DS4 from all programs so that only the virtual 360 controller is visible.


Tried using it, but I am still experiencing this, do I have to turn this HIDGuardian on somehow ?

@yungnigodrippin did you use the installer found on this site?


Yessir, and installed HIDGuardian


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