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Disabling HIDguardian?


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Surviving Mars picks up my Ps4 controller without input mapper, it even changes all the button icons to PS4 prompts.

When I went to play recently though, it wasn't detecting my controller without Inputmapper on. Specifically on XBOX output, DS4 output didn't do anything. I thought it was my new laptop at first, since it wasn't picking up my controller as a generic one.

But after some installing and reinstalling, it seems to be HIDguardian that was causing the issue, as reinstalling inputmapper without it worked.


I do like the idea of a better exclusive mode, but not if it gets in the way when I don't need it.

Is there anyway to disable HIDguardian without having to uninstall it?

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Not currently, but I do believe the developer of Hid Guardian was looking for a way to exclude virtual controllers making a seamless ds4->ds4 mapping.

Wobbles, poderia me ajudar??? Estou com problemas. Tem algum número de telefone que eu possa te ligar para que você me ajude?

I had version 1.6 and started giving problems (bugs, crashes) then I found out that I had a new version to download (it being the duty of the program itself to communicate about the new version and so I update)
then I uninstalled and installed the new version 1.7 and I'm having the same problem as you.
my friend is trying to help me but it is difficult ... Could someone help us PLEASE?
I'm really upset that I can't play my games in peace.

@Nana2002 you could just opt not to install HidGuardian if you don't need it at all, IM is mostly for converting DS4 -> Xbox inputs, its not generally meant for DS4 -> DS4 mapping so the little functionality it does have in that regard is just coincidental.


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