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Controller disconnects but remains connected  



IM 1.7 latest

Windows 10 1903 18362.295

plugable BCM20702 adapter

DS4 V1

It seems like this might not be related to IM but my controller randomly disconnects (sometimes 20 mins, sometimes 2 hrs). When this happens it shows as connected on the bluetooth panel and shows up in IM normally but sans a data rate and windows starts to scroll up constantly. Closing IM doesn't disconnect "wireless controller" from the bluetooth menu. The controller also doesn't immediately show up in IM, I have to close then open the program.

I've tried:

Redownloading and reinstalling IM

Deleting bluetooth drivers and allowing windows to reinstall them

DISM and SFC (no problems)


The problem appeared to be worse on the previous windows version, with the controller immediately disconnecting.

Does anyone know where I should start digging?

EDIT: It won't let me reply. I'll try to get a debug file when it happens again, probably tomorrow

EDIT2: I forced the issue by disconnecting the controller (Share+Options+PSbutton) and generated a debug file. After attempting to reconnect the controller IM Freezes

I'm relatively confident that it's not an IM problem because only the windows shell is affected by the scrolling but I'll try to get a clean (non-forced) debug file tomorrow.

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Can you create a debug file when this happens, the error log contains no information about a controller disconnecting.

make sure you have disabled Steams controller support, could be fighting with IM

Thanks! I forgot to mention I did that. I also closed steam entirely and uninstalled Microsoft's silly Xbox companion app, disabled the windows game bar, and Nvidia's ShadowPlay/etc. None of these made a difference unfortunately.

I'm really at a loss here. :/

A recap of my issues with a small addition makes me think it may be a vigem problem but I don't know enough about vigem to determine if it might be a cause.


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Do you think it could be a problem with my vigem install? I let IM do the install after I wiped this computer completely.


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