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Rapid fire?  




I have mapped my basic buttons. However, I want my right trigger on my PS4 controller to be a rapid fire simply by holding it down. How do I this with macros?

I imagine the trigger needs to be unbound on the map, and the trigger needs to be the right trigger.

What is the actual macro though?

Thank you.

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A bit late for an answer, but it's quite simple, just not intuitive.

The key thing to understand with macros is that they will continuously run in a loop as long as it's active (all specified keys are in the specified state, e.g. L1 and X is pressed)

As such you could either simply specify "press and release [key]" which would work, but in my limited experience the "press and release" function triggers unreliably in games.

So alternatively you can do "press [key]" -> "pause 0.02s" -> "release [key]" -> "pause 0.02s" which would result in ~25 presses per second. (assuming pressing / releasing adds no delay)


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