Left Analog Stick Making False Inputs  



First off, really like the tool and find it to be quite polished.

One strange problem though, when the left stick is pushed down (doesn't have to be right down, just anywhere south of centre) it seems to slightly input right stick up.

an example of this is when playing an old FPS and mapping the DS4 to keyboard/mouse, the left stick would be movement and the right stick would be to aim / look. This is usually left stick is for WSAD and the right stick is for mouse up, down, left and right. however when pushing the left stick down and moving backwards the aim of the player (me) starts to rise steadily.

An alternative situation is just when using the input mapper UI, push the left stick down and the mouse cursor rises up the screen. The strange thing is both of the above occur even when the left stick is completely unbound, it doesn't have to be mapped to anything.

so far I have tried...

  • Controller Reset
  • Reset windows controller calibration to default
  • Played with the IM settings endlessly
  • Tested the input using the Xinput tester, the Windows controller test tool and an old Goldeneye64 ROM (who would have thought eh?) and each one shows that pushing the left stick down has no effect on the right stick at all, essentially suggesting nothing is wrong with the controller itself
  • Re-installed InputMapper and made sure it is the latest version (of 1.6 that is)

Sorry for the long post but I just cant find anything online about this and I've really done as much troubleshooting as I know how to do, I did attempt to install IM 1.7 but I'm having a couple of issues with the installation so I'd like to try and sort out 1.6 first.

Any ideas?


Have you set a "Radial" deadzone on the right stick?

Wow thanks that worked, I was sure I'd tried that but oh well.

The left stick still seems to affect the right stick if for instance I am pushing RS up and then push LS down, the RS input becomes stronger (for want of a better word) but its negligible and doesn't affect gameplay so thank you.


You may of set an Axial deadzone, but that won't stop drift along the Axis. I seem to recall there being some sort of glitch with (I believe) the left analog stick that I don't think ever got corrected as development had shifted to 1.7.


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