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Hello all,


Strange one, when playing Max Payne 1 and 2 the controller works perfectly for a while and then will suddenly stop working, but if I pause and un-pause in game it resets it and it works again(the controller also works immediately in the pause menu). It happens infrequently enough that I can play but I end up having to double tap ESC every two or three minutes, which would annoy me more if I hadn't played it a bazillion times.

I've looked at the log but frankly I don't understand it, so I've uploaded it for someone more learned that me to (hopefully) take a look at.


Many thanks!

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Your log has a lot of latency spikes, this is usually interference or BT incompatibility related.

@bigbird What is your BT dongle being used?


Hello! I always play using a cable as opposed to bluetooth, my laptop does have bluetooth built in however I leave it turned off, the controller actually drops out more when using bluetooth, but like I say there is only a problem with Max Payne 1 & 2. I only have two other games to test with (Freelancer and Deus ex so both old games) however there is no problem with those.

Also strangely apart from the controller dropping out and having to hit pause / un-pause to get it going again, I experience absolutely zero lag (or rather I cant detect any). Also the log shows far more latency warnings than the incidences of the controller dropping out.

To me it feels like its some sort of disconnect between IM and the game that is resolved when I hit pause, and the controller itself is not actually disconnecting at all (or potentially its the act of hitting ESC as opposed to pausing itself, but I don't feel like that's the case).

Thanks for developing IM by the way, really cool stuff.

The thing is IM doesn't communicate with games, it just creates a virtual controller, so it shouldn't vary from game to game unless the game itself is competing with IM for system resources and stealing them away. Try raising IMs task priority to above normal and see if that helps.


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