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Analog sensitivity effects one axis, but not the other. How can I resolve this myself???  



I have this problem with the sensitivity in input mapper.

<img src=" removed link " />

https : / /imgur . com / vAOKP5U

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As you can see, I see the right analog stick to 30% sensitivity.

Now, when I go in game, this is the result

 removed link (Edit: How can I show you the issue im having if these forums just automatically delete any links I post, I need to show you the picture and video proof of the issue im having.)

http s :/ / youtu. be / 0pBbkWA9lJg

(remove all the spaces)

Let me explain.

The game in the video does not have a sensitivity setting for the analog stick, so when I turn the camera, the camera turns WWWWAAAAYYYYY too fast. So I want to use input mapper to set the sensitivity for me, now the issue is, as you see in the video, the 30% sensitivity from inputmapper works for one direction, as the camera was turning nice and smooth and slow, but when I turn the other direction, it turns really fast as it normally does.

Im not sure why the sensitivity works for one direction but not the other.

So I need some help on what I can do to resolve this issue.

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@huslemanIt is a bug that never got fixed. You will need to upgrade to 1.7 to correct this.

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