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DS4 as DS4 with HIDGuardian  




Is it possible to use DS4 as DS4 with HIDGuardian enabled?

I choose ViGEm.Dualshock4Device on the profile, but no controller is detected by other application.

The way I make it work for PS4 remote play is I installed Whiteknight Auto Whitelister and I click uninstall HIDguardian. Reboot my pc and then remote play recognizes my controller. When I want to go back to using it with inputmapper, I reopen autowhitelister and click install hidguardian and reboot and then it works again. Back with 1.6 before one of the main windows updates a year ago I used to just be able to close inputmapper and it would work but not anymore. This is how I get it to work now.

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First, if you are using the controller as a DS4, there shouldn't be a reason to use HIDGuardian anyway.

If you are using the DS4 over Bluetooth it is possible to remove all but the BT values from the affected controllers registry key.  

Try setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HidGuardian\Parameters\AffectedDevices to only have the following lines:


A reboot will be required after any changes to this key.

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Hello. Thank you very much for the help with the registry. Everything worked. I was desperate. There is a minor issue. After pressing, the trackpad and PS keys stick. This cleans up switching to another profile and back. On the DS4 -> Xinput profile, everything works stably and correctly (nothing to stick to).


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