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Limited 1.7b installer released  

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09/04/2019 1:27 pm  


Everything was working great with this in testing except I found the first step where the users has to define all the intersecting axes to create sticks or X/Y pair too cumbersome and confusing to the user, much in the same way you have to define 2 axes when creating radial dead-zones and such. So I'm writing some new added functionality to allow (and offload) the definition of such 2 axis pairs into the device plugin's meta. So now where the channels are named and defined in the plugins are also new definitions like:

    [DefineDeviceIntersectingAxes("Left Stick", "LeftStickX", "LeftStickY")]
[DefineDeviceIntersectingAxes("Right Stick", "RightStickX", "RightStickY")]

So, now I'm just working on rippling these changes into the IM framework so the wizard can see these and stateModifiers can understand them. I also hope to integrate this into mapping as well so if you are doing any kind of manual mapping you can just map a stick to a stick instead of having to map the individual axes.


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Does sound a lot simpler and cleaner

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