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DS4 keeps disconnecting Bluetooth  


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April 18, 2020 5:09 am  

Hey Guys,

hope you can help me. Since I Updated Windows 10 my DS4 Controller connects with bluetooth when turned on, I have to press accept pairing on Windows, and after about 5 seconds the Controller turns off and dissappears from Device Manager again. Under Events of the Bluetooth Wireless Controller is always stated:
Device started (HidBth)
Device configured (hidbth.inf)
Device deleted

I think the Problem is, the DS4 shuts down nearly immediately after the pairing is completed.

Can anybody give me a hint on what to try?


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April 25, 2020 5:00 pm  

Possible windows could be trying to load or revert back to an invalid config.

I would start by cleaning up the device manager. Enable view hidden devices and remove all instances(possibly even active) of the controller under HID then reboot.

As long as you remove just the device and not the driver or software for it, it will get reconfigured when reconnected without having to be reinstalled.

If that didn't help I would move on to BT devices and remove any hidden items there. Could even try removing the adapter, along with software and drivers for a fresh install. 

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