I have been spending a LOT of time on polishing as many rough edges as possible. There is still work to be done for sure, but the effort is already easily visible.

One of the toughest things people had a hard time coming to grips with in InputMapper 1.7 vs previous versions and even DS4Windows, was the way the mappings looked as a result of the generic nature of devices in IM 1.6 due to the wide variety of devices supported. The idea of using “overrides” in place of a straightforward this-to-that approach made people apprehensive. Some because they didn’t understand the reasons behind doing it this way, others because it was different; and different is bad. Well I am happy to say that after much blood, sweat, tears and booze; I have finally developed a way to bring the UI point and click style of mapping back to InputMapper 1.7, and it’s better than ever.

Among other things that have been polished are the settings themselves. Fonts and layouts have been made more appealing and descriptions have been added to most settings to help those that are unfamiliar. The profiles tab has been re-worked to move the profile list into the tab header making for a more open main window (helpful for the new UI based mapping). And a new setting that hides advanced settings from those just looking for a basic experience has been added.