Debug File (If InputMapper starts)

As of IM 1.7, all other logs and relevant information can be exported into one file within the application by going to Help > Generate Debug File.

Keep in mind, this can expose some sensitive information such as installed programs, currently open programs, window names etc. Make sure that nothing you want exposed in in this file prior to sending/posting, but dont redact too much as some of the info could be useful.

Logs and locations if InputMapper does not start or a debug file cannot be generated

If you are unable to generate a Debug File, please do your best to include as much of the following as possible.

Paths with variables enclosed in %’s can be typed directly into file explorer’s address bar or the run/search box exactly as shown here and Windows will resolve the path to it’s actual location.

Installer Log

Sometimes issues are due to some files not installing correctly. The installer log will tell us what happened during the installation.

Error Log

This log has all the most recent critical errors

Session Log

Each time InputMapper runs (assuming it has even successfully ran) a session log is generated. This can help debug smaller issues as this log also contains debug and trace information.


Some issues are in the profiles. To debug these we need the raw profiles.

Device Settings

Extremely rare, but some issues lie in the device settings files.

Application Settings

Usually not the cause, but worth checking out just in case.