I do my best to keep InputMapper running smooth; but lets face it, if you are reading this, YOU are my beta tester.

Most issues come from a misunderstanding of what InputMapper does, or an unfamiliarity with how it works. Those can usually be solved by browsing the forums for other similar situated users and possible resolutions. Other issues are application bugs and may take a bit of back-and-forth with me to resolve.

Where should I look for help

Most of the resources below will expect you to have a debug file, logs and raw setting files ready to share. Find out how to gather these in the article linked here.

  • If you have a simple how-to question, the documentation section is a great first stop; https://beta.inputmapper.com/documentation
  • Many issues that have been experienced by multiple users end up on the forum as does the fix or answer. Visit https://beta.inputmapper.com/forum to see if you can find other users with the issue.
  • If your issue is too specific to be found on the forum, involves sensitive information or you are pretty sure it is unintended behavior and thus a bug, then opening a ticket is a good way to get a hold of me, though I am only one person and sometimes the backlog can build up; https://beta.inputmapper.com/submit-ticket
  • Live chat support in Discord is SOMETIMES possible, but I am not alwayse available even if I show online, but you are welcome to try at https://discord.gg/4yCYexD. Would not recommend this as your first resource though.