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Patch Notes 1.7.6886.20985


  1. Using Sony dongle, and if I add a keyboard over ride to a button, all controller outputs stop working. Tested with xinput test

  2. Yes is working now perfectly. Didn’t mention this last build as you said connectors where broken so was thinking may of been the reason for the mapping issues.

    It is really nice to have a battery status in controller setting now, and finally having a visual aid to turning off the controller. Now for a question. Is there a way to do a battery check by tilting the controller up with the Controller lightbar setting off ? Like 1.6 where lightbar would be off to prevent reflection on TV screen but able to check battery status by tilting controller up. Have tried this many times with past builds, but don’t know if it’s not yet possible or I’m doing it wrong.

    • I think enough building blocks are in place to allow that, it would be a macro with a couple “Compare Value” triggers tied to gyro axes to trigger the macro when the controller is in the right position, then on the command side a “temporary mappings” that maps battery to lightbar using a green color injector then the same for red but with a axis flip and red injector. May need a 2ns macro to set back to black or a wait for macro release. This all is untested however and as more nich triggers and commands get built stuff like this wont be so complicated

      The tough part is since i changed the device state types, the monitor does not expose the axis values to test what values you need, so it would be blind guesswork until I get a replacement in place.

    • So it is possible, but a bug is preventing it from working, i have fixed it my end and will push with next nightly, but basically it is a follows:

  3. Got it working, Thanks.

    Used cut and paste to test on one profile. Then followed the lines of code to create the macro on another. Don’t think I ever would have figured that out on my own.

    Now what would be nice is a way to change the device lightbar mode when switching profiles. Like having the lightbar “on” using the default profile, but turn “off” when using a profile with the BattCheck Macro.

    • I suppose that could be added to the BattCheck macro, so when the Gyro Y is in the non trigger state color would be black. Now need to see if I can figure out how to do that.

    • For now you can probibly “cheat” your way into that. Turn the light bar on by default in the device options, then in the battery check profile create a normal mapping override (not macro) that maps a non used axis channel (so the value will alwayse be 0) to each the R, G and B lightbar using injectors.

  4. Not sure what you had in mind for setting values to 0. I took an Axis and set the sensitivity to 0 and added the RGB injectors. When I select that profile the lightbar goes off, but the macro doesn’t work then.

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