Universal mapping in IM is accomplished by converting all channels from devices to and from generic names, that way devices with plugins that are built to these generic names do not need to be manually mapped. This also allows a single profile mapping to work for any controller that adheres to this standard.

Generic Name DualShock 3 Dualshock 4 Xbox Keyboard Mouse DirectInput
FaceButton1 Cross Cross A
FaceButton2 Circle Circle B
FaceButton3 Square Square X
FaceButton4 Triangle Triangle Y
DPadUp DPad Up DPad Up DPad Up
DPadDown DPad Down  DPad Down  DPad Down
DPadLeft DPad Left  DPad Left  DPad Left
DPadRight DPad Right DPad Right DPad Right
SystemButton1 Select Share Back
SystemButton2 Start Options Start
SystemButton3 PS PS Guide
SystemButton4 Trackpad Button
LeftBumper L1 L1 Left Shoulder
RightBumper R1 R1 Right Shoulder
LeftTrigger L2 L2 Left Trigger
RightTrigger R2 R2 Right Trigger
LeftStickX Left Stick X Left Stick X Left Stick X
LeftStickY  Left Stick Y Left Stick Y Left Stick Y
RightStickX  Right Stick X Right Stick X Right Stick X
RightStickY  Right Stick Y Right Stick Y Right Stick Y
LeftStickClick L3 L3 Left Stick
RightStickClick R3 R3 Right Stick
BigRumble Big Rumble Big Rumble Big Rumble
SmallRumble Small Rumble Small Rumble Small Rumble
AccelX Accelerometer X  Accelerometer X
AccelY Accelerometer Y  Accelerometer Y
AccelZ Accelerometer Z Accelerometer Z
GyroX Gyroscope X Gyroscope X
GyroY Gyroscope Y Gyroscope Y
GyroZ Gyroscope Z Gyroscope Z
BatteryState Battery State
BatteryLevel Battery Level