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Passing a device to a virtual device

InputMapper does not actually *change* the controller type as seen by applications, rather takes your controller’s input and passes it to a virtual controller of desired type. To pass a device you require the following;

  • Input Plugin that is capible of recognizing the physical device and converting it’s input to a generic form that InputMapper understands.
  • Output Plugin that takes the generic control instructions from InputMapper and sends them to a virtual device that is visible to applications.

Once the needed plugins are installed you must create a profile that states the output device and assign that profile to a controller.

  1. Goto the Profiles tab
  2. Create a new profile
  3. Select the desired output device to use with this profile

  1. Assign the profile to the input device in the Devices tab

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  1. Hi. Wondering if you could please add instructions on where to place downloaded pluggin files?

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