Things have been busy lately and I have been running around alot and unable to sit down and film a proper check-in, but I have been bringing my laptop along and have been making progress.

Work continues on the InputMapper beta website, if you have not had a chance to register you account there yet please take a moment to do so at http://beta/ I have been working on methods to minimize server computing as well as server traffic, the most recent efforts have been going towards converting the dynamic json responses for things like news and donation counter to static json that only update when the data is updated which will greatly reduce PHP load. In addition I have been reading up on the OAuth 2.0 spec as I am deciding weather or not I am going to use a fully integrated sign on solution for the app or just host a web portal that will allow SSO through it. With the exception of this decision regarding signing in, the rest of IM 1.7 has been converted to use the new beta website exclusively and all links for forums and help will direct to the new locations as well.

I am not sure if I will be back to normal speed in time to do a normal video update next week but I will kep you guys informed!

Thanks for the continued support!