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Check In: Mar 13 2018 (Updates on new beta website)

Good morning everyone, no video this week as allergies have gone to kicking my ass again so I am a mess. Despite that I have made a great deal of progress on the new beta website. Things left to do are create an account migration system. I have considered finding ways to transport all 91k users from the current site to the new one, but this would be too prone to issues, also many of these accounts are dormant. Instead I will be creating a form to allow people to manually migrate their accounts over which will provide us with a fresh canvas to make sure we only get active and premium users.

I also need to create the paypal callback API to automatically upgrade accounts on upgrade, but this wont go into effect until the site is completely swapped and IM 1.7 is fully launched.

An advance warning, the launch of IM 1.7 with the new website will break login capabilities of previous versions of IM and lock them into ad supported mode. For this reason I want to make sure IM 1.7 is thoroughly tested and feature complete before pushing it as an official update and replacement for IM 1.6 & 1.5.



  1. Okay, this isn’t good at all. I’m not happy about your plans to forcibly lock <1.7 users into ad-mode just to make us switch over to 1.7. I tried 1.7 a month ago and had nothing but trouble with it, I was ripping my hair out trying to get it to work with the rubbish ViGEm drivers – having to edit the driver to see my hardware ID, bashing my head against a wall falling over myself to get something that already works *flawlessly* (IM1.6 and HIDGuardian = flawless. Win10 1709, Steam, Exclusive Mode, bluetooth, xinput, rumble, all flawless. No issues. None. Nothing.) into a setup that didn't work at all.

    I had issues with bluetooth, issues with sticks, issues with triggers, issues with rumble, issues with no exclusive mode. The 1.7 UI was lacking basic information compared to 1.6 and the button remapping functionality, something I rely on a lot for dinput/retro games, was broken and convoluted.

    You never replied to my comment on YT so here it is;

    I'm sorry, truly I am, I hate disparaging someone's work – and I *love* InputMapper as I much prefer PS4 controller to Xbox ones, but I think you're making a huge mistake forcibly shutting down 1.6 login access and locking those of us unhappy/unsatisfied with the convoluted steps to install and use 1.7, not to mention the poorer UI.

    Please reconsider.

    • 1.7 is not done, far from it, in fact the DL page specifically says “This download is a nightly build. It is likely extremely buggy, most definitely incomplete, and has a pretty good chance of being difficult to run.”, which is why i was EXTREMELY clear that this would not happen until 1.7 had been completed, tested, and deployed. As for shutting down login access from 1.6 and earlier, it cannot be helped, it simply is not compatible at all. 1.7 also very clearly states that if you have any issues you should contact me as I am not a mind reader.

      The reason we are doing this whole overhaul is that we have reached the limits of our server capability and legacy communication is accounting for 28% of that, and the budget simply does not allow for us moving to the next tier. So in lieu of completely shutting down shop, the entire communication process is being re-done from the ground up with the added benefit of now being more secure and using OAuth 2 industry standards.

      And YouTube comments is the absolute worst way to try to get a hold of me.

      • To be completely frank, I have no reason to believe ViGEm will suddenly start playing nice with my BT dongle any time soon, I had to jump through hoops finding out my physical hardware ID and then forcibly editing ViGEm just to *see* it, only for Windows to then pitch fits anyway. I know you said 1.7 isn’t finished but it seems like you’re ramping up for release, judging by the latest updates and the advance warning that our 1.6 software is about to be locked into ad mode.

        The fact is, if/when 1.7 launches and it’s the same head-banging issues I had to deal with just a month ago, there’s going to be no alternative.. it’s 1.7, or 1.6 with ads and flashing banners. I *hope* 1.7 is at the very least as capable as 1.6, but right now it’s a serious step backwards and involves a much clunkier driver implementation that is quite simply not as compatible or feature rich (no rumble support in ViGEm?) as something that is years older.

        Again, I am sorry, this is all coming across as way more negative than I ever wanted, but I just want you to understand that this is a serious problem and issue for me. Who knows, maybe others too? I don’t know. I know you’re not a mind reader but to be fair, you’ve replied to more recent YT comments :\

        • o.O ViGEm has nothing to do with your BT or dongle or any other hardware, you dont do anything with hardware ID’s with ViGEm, it is simply a replacement for SCP virtual bus. Again, I cannot stress this enough, and I need you to understand, absolutely zero changes will be made until 1.7 is in a polished releasable state and has every feature checkbox checked that 1.6 has and more.

          A video response is coming shortly to better explain all this.

          • I’m telling you right now, ViGEm had *everything* to do with my BT dongle and yes, I had to manually edit and copy hardware ID from my PS4 controller in task manager and edit the registry in order to get it to appear.

            It’s even on your site, the link goes to “issue65” which 404s now

            inputmapper . com/kunena/inputmapper-1-5-support/801-exclusive-mode-doesnt-working-on-win-10-64-bit-1709-16299-125#3747

            github . com/nefarius/ViGEm/issues/65

            None of these issues were present when it was just InputMapper 1.6 and HIDGuardian downloaded from here.

            However, I do understand what you’re saying and I certainly hope everything works out, I’m merely saying that my last experience with ViGEm was a terrible one and I’m not eager to repeat it 🙁 Regardless, thank you for the responses and I hope 1.7 pans out the way you hope.

          • You must be thinking HidGuardian, ViGEm does not have anything to do with your BT dongle or any hardware ID’s or anything like that. ViGEm is just the emulator and replacement for SCP virtual bus, THAT IS IT!

  2. Okay, one last time.

    InputMapper 1.6 + HIDGuardian = worked flawlessly. USB or BT, both fine.
    InputMapper 1.7 + ViGEm = DIDN’T WORK OVER BT, and required setting hardware IDs into HIDGuardian just for Windows to SEE the device.

    So I don’t know or care which was at fault, but I’m telling you flat out nothing worked over BT, and it was hair-pullingly frustrating over USB, when I had to use ViGEm.

    And *that* is it. I’m done. I’m sorry I complained, I’ll just find another tool to use if/when ViGEm is forced back on me and I, again, lose BT control 🙁

    • Uhhhhhh…… I feel like you are completely ignoring everything I am saying, The only time you use hardware ID’d is if you are using HIDGuardian, which you do not need for ViGEM, IM 1.7 or anything of the sort. If you installed or had HidGuardian running, you screwed up. The fact is you did something completely wrong, and instead of asking for help, you threw your arms in the air and said broken….. And during all of this, you still managed to completely ignore the big red warning on the nightly build saying “This download is a nightly build. It is likely extremely buggy, most definitely incomplete, and has a pretty good chance of being difficult to run.”

      • I did nothing wrong except follow the ViGEm instructions to the letter, and I ignored nothing, I simply decided to follow the video *you* put out, and it turned out to be a huge slap in the face with a broken UI and an even more broken backend driver for ViGEm. Funnily enough, it seems like you’re the one ignoring me as you trip over yourself to place the blame on me instead, which is fair enough, that’s your choice. You’re deliberately missing the point about the fact that pre-ViGEm worked, post ViGEm didn’t.

        Thank you for the “help”, I’ll know not to bother in future. I’ll find another tool since ViGEm *categorically* does *not* work for me and it seems that’s the way you’re moving.

        • And since your site doesn’t have an edit function, I have to add this here — just as I did on the YT comment; when I installed ViGEm (as per-the-letter instructions from github) the controller wouldn’t even show up on the system. At all. I said this on YT. It only showed up *after* installing HIDGuardian. So I didn’t even install HDGuardian at first, it was only after pulling my hair out, trawling issue reports on ViGEm pages trying to find out why my perfectly functioning setup using IM1.6 and SCP backend suddenly no longer worked when using YOUR recommended (needed with 1.7?) ViGEm.

          I tried my absolute very best to fix this on my own, without posting on the forum and getting back “works fine for me” in response, only to find out that now ViGEm is being pushed regardless and if I happen to have issues with it “you did something completely wrong, it’s you, you you you you, all you”


          • Lol, you never ever asked for help…. and the site says beta for a reason….. and since ViGEm has ZERO to do with hardware, the reason the controller didn’t show is you had an orphaned copy of HIDGuardian still existing in the device filter drivers on your system, and the reason you didn’t have issues with 1.6 is because it has the ability to detect hidGuardian even if a broken install and attempt to whitelist itself, 1.7 does not have this because, wait for it, it’s not even remotely ready for consumer use yet; which I could had helped you with, but you are hellbent in trying to diagnose your own issue instead of asking for or accepting help. But it’s all moot as you should not be on the nightly build path anyway as it involves more technical tinkering than you are obviously comfortable with… this again is why there are so many warnings, it’s not a beta, not even an alpha, it’s a nightly build and it expects the user is comfortable using it as such. Installers that do all the technical stuff are never part of nightly builds. But I’m done wasting my time on someone who refuses to listen. If you ever decide to accept help our site has a support section.

            Also, I just got around to taking a look at my YT and it seems like YT has automatically been flagging your comments as spam to contributes….

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